Case Studies

Women’s Fashion Market in the United Kingdom

A large player in the fashion industry was working on a project in the women’s fashion market in the UK.

Price Transparency and Innovation in the European Transportation Sector

While working on a project for a European transportation company, a consulting firm contacted RightAngle to help it to understand the pricing and offers.

Solid Board and Plastic Replacement Innovations

Being keen to contact R&D and innovation Experts from a number of specific companies, our client got in touch with us so that we could arrange several interviews with these professionals.

The Medicare Advantage Plans Market

A large manufacturer and seller of healthcare devices based in the United States contacted RightAngle Global to discuss the Medicare Advantage.

Pharmaceutical Retail Market in Brazil

A large pharmaceutical retail company based in Brazil had the goal of structuring/reorganizing its multichannel arena including its website/marketplace.

Contract Plastic Injection Molding Industry in the United States

With the goal of successfully running a project that focused on the contract plastic injection molding industry in the United States.

Medical Payroll Software Service Providers

To gain a better understanding of the payroll software service industry, one of our customers was looking forward to connecting with several types of experts in the United States.

Corporate Software Market in Switzerland

Seeking to get a better understanding of the Swiss software market, and particularly relating to ERP/accounting/payroll systems.

Healthcare Analytics Software for Community Health Centers in the United States

A top IT company contacted us to help to kick-off its project which concerned population health reporting and analytics software available to community health centers based in the United States.

USP 800 Validation, Cleaning, and Laboratory Services in the United States

In order to comply with the USP General Chapter <800> standards, one of our clients had to learn about the new regulations in the life sciences space.

Telecare in the United Kingdom

In need of assistance concerning a project related to telecare (remote care for elderly or frail individuals).

Commercial and Industrial Loans in the United States

Intending to obtain valuable insights regarding the collection and recovery of commercial/business secured lending.

Credit Reference Agencies in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden

One of our clients required an in-depth perspective of Nordic credit reference agencies and requested that we find experts able to provide the necessary data.

Automotive Finance Market in Ireland

With the goal of obtaining insights into the automotive finance market in Ireland, a research company asked us to find specialists who could help them to understand the market dynamics.

Commercial LED Lighting Supply Chain in the United States

Keen to start a new project but lacking the necessary insights into the American LED lighting supply chain for commercial lights.

Recycled Containerboard in the European Union

With the goal of gaining qualitative insights with regard to the recycling market across Europe for their new project.

Supply Chain Finance in South Africa and Europe

One of our clients from the financial sector was attempting to gain insights into trade finance companies in a number of regions.

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