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RightAngle was approached by a strategy consulting firm with a research proposal on the supply chain of professional indoor LED lights used for office and commercial architecture spaces. They wanted to test some hypotheses on current lighting market trends and dynamics, particularly related to in-house part assembly, outsourcing, and supply chain of LED components in North America. They were interested in conducting interviews with senior professionals in Operations, Supply Chain, and Procurement of commercial light parts at large North American OEMs, such as Acuity Brands, Philips Lighting, Hubbell, Signify, and other lighting suppliers.

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Our research team conducted a thorough analysis of the lighting suppliers’ expert market and identified a pool of suitable candidates specialized in the commercial and architectural LED-lights segment. We contacted and conducted interviews with several different professionals, who could address component manufacturing, procurement, and outsourcing processes and current trends. Namely, our stand out experts included:

  • Supply Chain Management professionals, specialized in Supply Planning and Manufacturing, in charge of the supply chain during S&OP, financial reviews, and reporting, supply strategy planning, and execution, as well as factory support and production control of value components;
  • Directors of Global Sourcing & Manufacturing Operations – managing all procurement and commodity strategy development and operations, cost reduction and productivity projects, supplier transfers, contract negotiation, LCC localization, and new product development;
  • (Vice) President of Technology and Business Development at one of the largest lighting OEMs, overseeing the Solid-State Lighting Research and Development, the Strategic Product Technology Development, the establishment of Platform Product Technology Roadmaps, and Business Development between the main line of lighting brands, suppliers, and customers;
  • (Vice) President of a LED Lighting Brand – responsible for leading, managing, and monitoring all brand-related growth and strategy operations, managing the whole professional indoor lighting division, including components and lighting product portfolio towards becoming a top industry player.



As an outcome, the client was able to gather key insights from leading supply chain and procurement specialists within the commercial lighting domain. They were able to review and advise on client considerations of OEMs’ supply chain operation strategies, the collaboration between manufacturers and component suppliers, and assess the value, variety, availability, and flexibility of different components. Our research aided in understanding the underlying processes and factors that go with the sourcing, evaluation, purchasing, and supply chain integration of LED lighting manufacturing components, such as metal enclosures, mechanical assemblies, electro-mechanical components, labels, and others. As well as deliver on specialized knowledge covering current industry characteristics, market trends, directions, and new developments within the lighting sector, and their OEM’s outsourcing strategies in the North America region.

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