Automotive Pricing in the UK



Our client, a management consulting firm, was interested in the UK automotive industry, particularly its commercial segment related to pricing and sales to car dealer groups. The client was looking to speak to relevant experts from the UK’s leading automotive marketplace resellers, such as Autotrader, Car Gurus,, and Carwow. To gain a deeper understanding of this segment, the client specifically requested we look for professionals responsible for channel sales, client acquisition, commercial management and forecasting, marketing, and business strategy, with know-how in the automotive retailers’ market.



RightAngle analyzed the market and its competitive landscape, identified the approach, and started screening for potential experts fitting the client’s profile. Our priority was to find relevant experts not just within the industry, but with up-to-date experience with the companies in question, i.e. recently departed or current employees. RightAngle managed to find and negotiate with experts who were a fit for this specific request, namely:

  • Trade Communications Director and Management positions, experienced in re-marketing, acquisition, engagement, trade and consumer products, having specialized experience with Autotrader, Car Gurus and others.
  • Senior Commercial and Sales-related positions, some in advisory roles, responsible for price and risk analyses, pricing and marketplace positioning, business operations and strategy, marketing and customer operations.



  • As a result, the client was able to get the most recent industry insights on automotive marketplace retailers and their pricing strategies. This is especially relevant in fast-paced dynamic industries with regular shifts and changes to operating business models and the use and application of IT technology. They were able to use these new insights to more proactively approach car dealership chains and have an advantage in negotiating commercial agreements related to pricing and subscription models.

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