Drop-shipping Carpets. Global retailers experience in the US market



A management consulting firm, on behalf of a large carpet company, was interested in finding out more about the process of drop-shipping. The company was entering the US market and was specifically interested in carpets, bulk furniture and home decor/goods, including aspects such as size of market, trends, prices, markups. Our client needed to understand how processes took place at global retailers such as Amazon, Wayfair and Macy’s in order to identify the best way to penetrate the US market on a large scale.



RightAngle analyzed the structure of the biggest US retailers and provided the client with unique perspectives and insight from various stakeholders, including value-added discussions with the following subject-matter experts:

  • Chief Operating Officers, Vice Presidents of Operations and Vice Presidents of Fulfillment at top global retailers, such as Amazon, Home Depot, Macy’s, Wayfair, etc

  • Senior Managers/Directors of Business Operations involved in drop-shipping at the largest American carpet/furniture/home goods manufacturers

  • E-commerce Directors/Sales Managers of manufacturing companies, familiar with both carpet and drop ship functions



  • The client gained an in-depth understanding of the up-to-date drop shipping industry in the US, particularly focusing on different types of carpets and home goods. Valuable insights on operations/fulfillment management, third-party logistics management and e-commerce were gained

  • Current trends, e-commerce sales and fulfillment/operational decision making responsibilities were revealed which helped the client to put together a comprehensive overview of how the drop-ship process works in the carpet world

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adminDrop-shipping Carpets. Global retailers experience in the US market