Engine Cooling Commercial Design and Procurement



Our client, a management consulting company, approached us for a project focused on research and exploration of the engine cooling market segment, particularly from the perspective of the largest global generator manufacturers, such as Deere, Komatsu, Cummins, Kohler, and others. They were interested in product development and market strategy insights, thus looking for experts specialized in design and procurement decisions of radiators, charge coolers, and other cooling equipment. The client was looking for specific equipment and manufacturers in order to understand the leading commercial drivers of the engine cooling industry, such as pricing, technology, and cost switching.



Within hours, RightAngle conducted a thorough analysis of the industry, its key market developments, and identified main players within the scope of the client’s interest. Through intelligent searching and background screening procedures, RightAngle could provide the leading professionals and department heads of said players, specialized in product development, engineering, and procurement of engine coolers, specifical experts in the positions of:

  • OEM’s General Manager, responsible for leading corporate and sales business strategy within America’s leading industrial markets
  • Product Development Professionals with background in Engineering, Design, Testing, Supply Chain, Program Management, Quality and Manufacturing
  • Senior Engineers with expertise in design, construction and assembly, testing, mechanical and engine automation of cooling systems, including product improvement and correction processes



  • Upon the completion of the project, the client gained a rich perspective on the current trends, shifts, developments in the design and procurement of the colling engine systems market from the leading experts in the industrial manufacturing industry of their interest. These new insights allowed them to evaluate their chances of strong competitive positioning and make smarter business decisions.

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