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Our client, a management consulting firm, approached us with a project on healthcare software vendors specialized in data gathering and analytics for several US-based community health centers. They were looking for experts with previous working experience at federally qualified health centers or primary care associations, who were able to share their insights on the selection, evaluation, and deployment of clinical health management, reporting and analytics systems, particularly from US software vendors, such as Azara, Arcadia, BridgeIT, MediQuire Healthcare, and others.

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RightAngle evaluated the market dynamics of the healthcare systems industry, evaluating key players, and the differentiation in their product offerings. We identified main activities and strategic areas for control and management of healthcare management and narrowed our search to senior experts in population healthcare data management and analytics. We delivered profiles, such as:

  • Chief Operations and Health Information Officers – responsible for health center operations and infrastructure services, i.e., managing unified data-driven systems for population health reporting. Having extensive experience with key software healthcare system providers for the reporting of financial, clinical, and operational activities.
  • Directors of Information Systems and VPs of Information Technology – responsible for design, development, and implementation of organizational information systems, software applications, and infrastructure systems. Control and governance of data stability and protection in the company’s computer systems and networks.



Ultimately, the client was able to get access to leading industry professionals in IT Healthcare System Infrastructure and Operations at US-based community health centers. They managed to gather key insights on management of clinical systems and population health software, learned about the nuances of choosing the system and the specific criteria used in the selection process, they also got a better understanding of the competitive market landscape and its largest vendors. The experts also discussed their experience with switching software providers, difficulties in the implementation process, as well as current trends, EHR capabilities, trends, future opportunities, changes, and challenges in the industry

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