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An international management consulting firm was researching the healthcare software and information systems market in Germany. They approached RightAngle to help them approach procurement professionals in three different areas within healthcare software sector – hospital, radiology and laboratory information systems. The aim of this research was to understand the sourcing and selection criteria for choosing a hospital, radiology or laboratory software provider that caters to the needs and requirements of the German market. The companies of interest for the client, included Dedalus, CGM, Nexus AG, Philips, GE Healthcare and others.

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RightAngle conducted a thorough analysis of the German healthcare provider market, and identified a pool of compliant experts in sales and procurement from companies like Phillips Health Systems, Biocartis, GE Healthcare and others. We then selected the following profiles:

  • Green Belt Six Sigma Certified Medical Device Consultant, specialized in account management and sales of medical software solutions, within the German IT healthcare sector.
  • Lead Strategic Sales and Strategic Customer Management for Health Systems Germany.
  • National Key Account Manager, Strategic Sales Health Systems and Sales Manager Digital & Computational Pathology within Life Science and Pharma.
  • Life Sciences Cancer Diagnostics / In-vitro Diagnostics Specialist, working in histology lab environments and managing histology/immunohistology information systems.



After completing the interviews, our client was able to get a better understanding of the competitive landscape and key providers in healthcare software and information solutions, such as RIS (Radiology Information Systems), PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems), CIS (Cardiology Information Systems), and Clinical Archive (or Content) Management Systems. They were able to discuss the current options and new innovations in the industry, understand its target market, key decision-maker or influencer profiles, portfolio and complete software solutions sales criteria and service offering differentiation between the main players, challenges in the implementation process and partnership trategies

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