“Indie Brands” in Cosmetics Market



RightAngle was contacted by a client from the consulting sector for a project in product development in a small cosmetic market segment, represented by independent or subsidized indie brands. The client was interested in the know-how behind product development, formulation, ingredient mixing, R&D, and innovation processes within those brands. They were looking to contact professionals with specific expertise and/or company backgrounds, such as work in cosmetic conglomerates such as L’Oréal, Estee Lauder, Shiseido, who also have experience acquiring or working with acquired indie brands, like Too Faced, BECCA, Smashbox, IT Cosmetics, UrbanDecay, Laura Mercier, NARS and others.



RightAngle managed to deep dive into the cosmetic products development segment, screen, and schedule interactions with several senior professionals with extensive knowledge of the market and its approach. This consultancy garnered quite a large pool of industry experts who were able to provide their unique experience and perspective on areas within cosmetics, such as chemistry, technology, operations, production, and manufacturing. Our client got an amazing opportunity to share ideas and interact with such industry leaders as:

  • Senior Directors, Brand and Product Development specialists of top cosmetics and health manufacturers, responsible for portfolio management, protocol, product efficacy and R&D activities related to products’ launches.
  • Directors and VPs of R&D, Innovation and Product Science, delivering unique product technologies to market and indie brands, such as Estee Lauder, Clinique, Aveda, MAC, Ombrelle and others.
  • Senior New Product Development experts on the chemistry, manufacturing, production and distribution side, responsible for formula design, costs, packaging, sustainability, raw material procurement and supply chain.



  • With help from RightAngle, the client was able to get a wide perspective of the cosmetic product development market, both from independent and former indie brands and even partner’ angles. The client got the chance to compare the strategic production and development models on various business scales, from global cosmetic conglomerates to small start-up brands. They were also able to use those valuable insights to capitalize on the current market demand for sustainability and transparency in product development within the cosmetics industry.

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