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We were approached by a large multinational professional services firm with a project on the Road and Industrial Safety Products and Services market in the US. They were interested in holding interviews with senior decision-makers at traffic service or safety provider companies, such as AWP, DTS, All Traffic Solutions, Altus Traffic, Cubic TrafficWare, or TrafficCast. The client also requested we gather the perspectives of their end customers and regulators, such as utility providers, railroads, construction contractors, federal, state DOTs and local agencies, education or healthcare facilities, to assess the current market trends, customer needs, and available services to address them within the competitive landscape.




RightAngle identified the research scope within highway/industrial safety services, which included traffic set-ups, control planning, emergency traffic safety services, flagging operations, pavement markings, road and lane closures, detours, and others. We gathered a pool of suitable candidates within the industry, focusing on current and former C-Suite, Corporate Development, Regional Sales Managers, National / Key Accounts Managers employees of transport, traffic, construction, and industrial safety companies. Examples included:

  • Regional Sales, Corporate Accounts and National Business Development Managers and VPs, responsible for sales and development of traffic equipment service and solutions, facility and zone management, establishing long-term customers and contracts through key account and customer relations management, administration of supply contracts, and market intelligence of various transport, utility, construction, energy, interstate and road projects.
  • Regional Branch and Operations Managers, managing and overseeing highway/road safety location operations, P&L, procurement, fleet and payroll management, safety and DOT / OSHA compliance oversight, supply chain, vendor and distributor relations, sales forecasting, customer relations, and marketing.
  • Directors of Strategic Sourcing, in charge of supply-chain, and annual enterprise expenditure in material and services categories, covering road and industrial safety services and products. Serving as the key decision-maker in procurement and vendor sourcing, organizational and supplier performance, and strategic partnerships.



With help of RightAngle, the client was able to gather key insights within the road and industrial safety products and services market, from the perspectives of their three primary research targets – providers, their customers, government, and federal regulators. Through conducted interviews, they managed to discuss the current state of the transport and road safety services market, new trends, shifts and ongoing dynamics, converse on the competitive landscape from both company and contractor perspective, argue on equipment and its purchasing criteria, evaluate customer dynamics and needs in the current climate, including the impact of Covid-19 on services demand, as well as talk through state/regional regulations and infrastructure policy.

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