Supply Chain Finance Digital Architecture



Our client, a management consulting company, was looking to understand the market of trade and supply chain finance focusing on banks and non-bank funds active in the UK and South Africa. They required information on noticeable trends in the market, growth opportunities, existing risks and risk management and the automation and technological solutions applied at top banks and non-bank funds in selected countries.



Within 72 hours, the RightAngle team gained an understanding of the industry and topic and ultimately identified highly qualified professionals to share their knowledge and experience. We held consultations between our client and a number of C-level executives including the following experts:

  • Former Heads of Trade Finance/Supply Chain Finance at several top financial and banking services companies in the UK and South Africa

  • Senior managers from the Corporate Finance/Corporate Lending/Corporate Trade Financing departments of banks and specialist investment funds

  • Senior front-line users of supply chain finance IT/technological systems in financing institutions



  • Our client gained qualitative insight into the current providers of supply chain finance and trade finance, with a specific regional focus on the British and South African markets

  • Thanks to the information provided, our client was able to make a comparative analysis between the most active banks versus non-bank funds as traditional providers of supply chain finance

  • Overall, the client acquired knowledge regarding pricing levels across the market, risk management, technology, security and noticeable trends in the industry and their momentum going forward

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