RightAngle services – thinking beyond the customary approach

RightAngle is actively involved in many aspects of information services in addition to expert interactions.

Our mission is to make the expert network market more dynamic by thinking outside the box.

We provide customized information and expert recruiting solutions in collaboration with DevelopmentAid, our parent company.

Expert interviews

RightAngle recruits experts for each project in a client’s pipeline. We make certain that every expert we select is relevant and capable of giving our clients the edge they are looking for.

    • Over the last 15 years, our parent company, DevelopmentAid, has become the world’s largest business intelligence platform, building a  network of over 60,000 consultants and experts working within the international banking system and for NGOs.

Being able to harness this experience and data, RightAngle is now one of the most powerful players in the expert network industry in terms of the public and social sectors.

Recruitment services

RightAngle offers recruitment services to various industries. The two most sought-after and successful services are the Talent shortlist and the Consultant search.

Talent shortlist

Whenever you require alternative candidates for permanent placements or long-term projects, we can help. It’s fast and affordable.

You get:                           

  • 2-5 suitable and vetted candidates
  • Tailored CVs for easy comparison of experience
  • Verified availability and confirmed interest

Delivery time: Up to 5 business days

Price: US$1,000

Consultant search

    • Local or international experts
    • Short or long-term positions

You get:

  • Highly relevant profiles
  • Verified availability and interest
  • Tailored CVs
  • Negotiated financial expectations (upon request)              
  • Reference and background examination (upon request)

Delivery time: 3-5 business days

Price: US$70/day or 15% of the expert’s annual salary

Customized reports and surveys

Quality customized market analysis is an investment and, if undertaken properly, will result in real benefits for your organization.

You will receive a range of tailored data that will provide insight into customer use and attitude, brand health and market size.

RightAngle provides high-quality and accurate information that is both timely and relevant.

The price for in-depth qualitative data ranges between US$15,000 and US$30,000.

It is extremely important to work with a company that has the extensive industry knowledge and tried-and-tested data collection techniques.

With a dynamic network and knowledge of the industry, our experts at RightAngle can assist you to produce bespoke customized reports and surveys that offer quality data and insights to enhance your business.

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