The RightAngle Team

Who is behind RightAngle – a bespoke search company providing tailored knowledge solutions? In this Q&A series post we reveal the team behind the scene.

Every day, our highly motivated and skillful researchers are in direct communication with clients. They are responsible for the assignments, sometimes working in small teams, managing the company’s projects, undertaking research and analysis. Our Business Development department consists of several business analysts (sometimes referred to as lead generators) who are supervised by the Business Development Manager.

Our Research team identifies and recruits professionals for intense business intelligence calls with clients. The team is made up of Research Managers and Research Associates with the latter also being responsible for managing both client and expert accounts.

“We are flexible yet result-oriented which allows us to maximize the output of our resources. We tend to concentrate our resources on tasks where they are most needed, quickly prioritizing objectives. We always aim to achieve our client’s target”, says Alex Repin, the RightAngle General Manager.

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