What is RightAngle?

Hello again! Together with our Managing Director, Alexander Repin, we would like to present RightAngle, the team behind the company and its operations.

There comes a time when businesses need new ideas and perspectives to be able to grow. When this moment occurs, it is very important to choose the right angle from which to view the problem. This is when we step in.

At RightAngle, we offer different perspectives and have revolutionized the expert networks market by introducing a new range of information services. Our company can redefine a business by providing information and recruiting services that far exceed the usual expert network model.

Our main goal is to offer a completely new pool of subject-matter experts who are precisely suited to the given study area and requirement rather than relying on a pre-existing directory of consultants in a certain network.

During the last 12 months, our clients have included top management consulting companies as well as private equity, investment and corporate strategy firms. We have assisted them by addressing challenging business issues by enabling exclusive intellectual exchanges with industry leaders.

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