What’s it like to be a Client Solutions Associate?

When a company needs professional advice on an issue it cannot handle alone, a call is made to look for a specialist in that particular field. But how does one find the expert that fits the requirements, in the shortest period of time? That’s an assignment for a Client Solutions Associate.

Within an expert network, their role is to connect companies seeking professional expertise with specialists in a particular field. This person virtually “knows” hundreds of experts in various fields and is able to shortlist a few dozens within minutes after getting to know the profile of the wanted specialist.

Which qualities are a must-have for this job and how are experts discovered and contracted? Read on to find out more about RightAngle Client Solutions Associates and what they do.

Who is a Client Solutions Associate?

An Associate at an expert network is a skilled specialist in data analysis and processing, whose main role is to conduct research and analysis of subject matter experts for clients who require expertise. This process is performed under the supervision of the project manager.

Employees in this role can work in various fields, such as medical, social, and natural, as well as finance and management.

What does a Client Associate do?

Particular duties and responsibilities of a person in this role vary based on the industry in which they operate. However, some features of their job are similar in a number of industries. Usually, Client Associates carry out primary and secondary source study, compile and process information, analyze it, and submit the results to lead researchers or project managers.

What qualities characterize an effective Client Solutions Associate?

A client associate must possess a number of requirements to be considered for the position.

  • They are required to have a bachelor’s degree in the field they plan to build on their career. However, this is not always the case, because gained experience and acquired knowledge substitute advanced education.
  • High attention to detail and good research skills. The ability to use databases, do keyword searches, and find needed material utilizing a variety of digital and physical resources – are essential to be successful.
  • Strong analytical abilities. There are thousands of specialists in the expert networks. That’s why an effective Associate must be able to look deep into data and spot the perfect candidate, by performing data analysis, using spreadsheet software, and other digital instruments for analysis and report development.
  • An associate should be able to operate independently and be equipped with strong written and verbal communication abilities.

Being an Associate at Expert Networks

Usually, expert networks charge clients for each call with a subject matter expert, implying that the industry handles approximately 1 million calls each year.

With such a large number of calls to schedule on a wide spectrum of subjects, expert networks require new consultants, which means they need teams of associates who would search for and recruit subject matter experts to their platforms.

To match consultants to an active customer request, associates reach out to needed experts using several sources, including their existing database, LinkedIn, or through referrals.  Afterward, they offer shortlisted profiles of experts to clients, who take the final decision. When the expert is chosen, they will be asked for a convenient time for consultation.

“It’s demanding, but rewarding at the same time. I would say it’s the job where you can find out what’s your true potential, whether you’re a commercial strategist, a sales genius, or a trustworthy account manager, all under the umbrella of a Client Solutions Associate at RightAngle,” says Garbur Daniela, Research Manager at RightAngle Global.

The expert network is a rapidly evolving and growing business that requires a quick-thinking mindset and quick wits to continuously keep ahead of the competition.

Client Solutions Associate at RightAngle focus on recruiting the right expert for management consulting companies and private equities as well as corporate strategists. RightAngle is a continuously developing company that emphasizes service quality and encourages a passion for knowledge.

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