Who is behind RightAngle?

RightAngle is a project launched by DevelopmentAid – the leading business intelligence provider in the international development sector.

For over 10 years, the company has offered information services to the worldwide development industry, linking donors, consulting firms, NGOs and individual consultants engaged in international development.

RightAngle’s Chief Executive, Luc Vocks, is also the sole owner of the DevAid group of companies. 

The Managing Director of RightAngle, Alexander Repin, teamed up with DevelopmentAid in 2016 as a Business Development Manager. After firstly progressing to the role of Deputy Director of the Corporate Sales Department and then to the position of the company’s Commercial Lead, Alexander accepted the role of MD at RightAngle.

Making full use of his experience at DevelopmentAid, his market expertise and his advanced management skills, Alexander set up a team of experienced talent to establish the cornerstone of RightAngle’s foremost professional recruiters.

“We’re young, ambitious, flexible and have lots of potential. We are eager to bring a change to the expert network market,” says Alexander. He is convinced that the satisfaction expressed by RightAngle’s clients confirms this statement.

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