Credit reference agencies in the Nordics (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway)



One of our clients required an in-depth perspective of Nordic credit reference agencies and requested that we find experts able to provide the necessary data. The project involved two major challenges:

  1. It was time-sensitive.
  2. The client wished to speak to several types of experts from a number of categories, including senior contacts within companies based in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and/or Norway, and market specialists with in-depth knowledge of credit reference agencies in these countries.

Solution and Impact


RightAngle Global was successful in finding a large pool of experts and identified those able to offer qualitative insights into credit reference agencies in Nordic countries. As a result of the call that was arranged, the client managed to gain valuable insights into the market, the data the agencies collect and the way this is used for particular clients as well as an understanding of the market regulations.

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adminCredit reference agencies in the Nordics (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway)