Sourcing & Supply Chain

Commercial Lights from the American LED Lighting Supply Chain

Keen to start a new project but lacking the necessary insights into the American LED lighting supply chain for commercial lights.

Recycled containerboards within the European recycling market

With the goal of gaining qualitative insights with regard to the recycling market across Europe for their new project.

Supply chain finance in South Africa and Europe

One of our clients from the financial sector was attempting to gain insights into trade finance companies in a number of regions.

Medicare Advantage market in the United States

A large manufacturer and seller of healthcare devices based in the United States contacted RightAngle Global to discuss the Medicare Advantage.

Brazilian pharmaceutical retail company

A large pharmaceutical retail company based in Brazil had the goal of structuring/reorganizing its multichannel arena including its website/marketplace.

Injection molding industry in the United States

With the goal of successfully running a project that focused on the contract plastic injection molding industry in the United States.

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