Why do consultants use expert networks?

Consulting firms are among the most popular clients of expert networks. This is due to the fact that today, information and knowledge represent the main competitive edge in the modern economy.

RightAngle services – thinking beyond the customary approach

RightAngle is actively involved in many aspects of information services in addition to expert interactions.

Does AI have the potential to revolutionize the Expert network industry?

Do you believe artificial intelligence will eventually replace human activity?

Who is behind RightAngle?

RightAngle is a project launched by DevelopmentAid – the leading business intelligence provider in the international development sector.

Expert Networks evolution: From business card archives to digital libraries

Have you ever thought about the value of the experience and information you possess?

Private equities and consultants are the main users of Expert Networks. Who else?

Have you ever been assigned a really important job, only to discover that you have little knowledge of it and don’t know where to begin?

What is RightAngle?

Hello again! Together with our Managing Director, Alexander Repin, we would like to present RightAngle, the team behind the company and its operations.

Internal compliance rules help minimize risks when interviewing an expert

Following compliance procedures when interviewing and hiring experts via expert network platforms has been a top priority for businesses for more than a decade.

How extended leadership teams can improve corporate culture?

Building a healthy corporate structure is often a challenge, and a growing company should consider establishing an Extended Leadership Team.

Why and how to become a member of an Expert Network – short guide

An expert is an individual able to deliver valuable ideas or bring specialized knowledge to the table in order to deal with specific challenges. People sign up to expert networks for a variety of reasons.

The RightAngle Team

Who is behind RightAngle – a bespoke search company providing tailored knowledge solutions? In this Q&A series post we reveal the team behind the scene.

What’s it like to be a Research Associate?

Within an expert network, a research associate connects companies seeking professional expertise with specialists in a particular field.