How do you find the right expert network?

Expert networks are platforms that link businesses to experts from various fields. By contracting an expert, a business is able to access high level advice on different topics

How do Expert Networks Work?

An expert network is comprised of a number of professionals who are connected through a virtual platform. Any company is free to hire these specialists

Freelance job market during COVID-19

The growing trend towards freelance work has been around for some time. The Intuit 2020 Report, forecast that by 2020 more that 40% of the US workforce would not be in permanent employment

What is an expert network?

An expert network is a group of professionals who are recognized as prominent figures within their particular field.

RightAngle Global – ISO Certified

RightAngle Global announces the successful achievement of ISO certification and the establishment of an improved Quality Management System.

Rise of Digital Learning – Information on Demand

Digital learning has been around for a while. The Open University has used online systems as a learning tool for over 30 years and currently offers entire degree courses fully online.