Fintech Ecosystems: Future Trends and Expert Networks Impact

RightAngle boasts a number of successful projects in the healthcare payer (insurance) market. Today, we would like to share some stories of fruitful collaboration facilitated by our company.

Trends in the Health Insurance Market. Insights and Case Studies

RightAngle boasts a number of successful projects in the healthcare payer (insurance) market. Today, we would like to share some stories of fruitful collaboration facilitated by our company.

Leveraging Expert Networks in Corporate Training and Development

We know that progressive businesses look for new and creative ways to improve the abilities and expertise of their employees. With this in mind, expert network integration stands out as a game-changing tactic as we look to the future.

The Role of Expert Networks in Talent Acquisition and Management

Expert networks can offer an advantage in terms of talent recruitment and management. These networks serve as a link between businesses and professionals with years of experience in their fields.

Can Electric Machines and Biofertilizers Transform Agriculture?

The advent of electric machinery, combined with research and the introduction of different types of fertilizers, which are both targeted at decreasing agriculture’s carbon footprint, are ushering in a new phase of farming.

How Expert Networks are Transforming the Energy Sector. Case Studies

The need for energy is predicted to grow even more as populations expand and low-income nations urbanize. How will the industry adapt to these rising demands and new challenges? What is the role of expert networks in this process?

Top Trends in the Industrial and Consumer Goods Sectors for 2024 and Beyond

The year 2024 will be one of great significance for the industrial and consumer goods sectors, as they are being reshaped by non-stop technological progress, constantly changing customer demands and a growing focus on sustainability.

How Can Expert Networks Impact Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

It is important to be aware of which digital marketing strategies will prove to be the most effective for the target audience. This brings us to the role that expert networks can play in defining digital marketing strategies.

Key Expert Network Trends in 2024: Insights from RightAngle Global

Who knows the most about the trends and developments in the expert network industry better than platform directors, associates, and team leaders? That’s why we asked RightAngle Global staff to share some exclusive insights.

The Importance and Future Trends of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

To minimize the number of casualties among drivers and pedestrians as much as possible, car makers have devised Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS in short. What does the future hold for this technology?

Generative AI 2024: The Year Innovation Will Hit a New Phase

Sales forecasts, supply chain optimization, and product development are just a few of the fields where generative AI has already shown great promise in 2023. How will Expert Networks respond to the increasing use of AI?

Smart Cities Evolution and the Role of Expert Networks

With the help of cutting-edge technologies, living in smart cities is becoming a disruptive experience sought by many. This makes the concept a profitable market for businesses but also a challenge for administrations and investors.

Key E-commerce Shifts for Sporting Products that Are Worth Keeping an Eye On (Video)

The sporting goods industry is experiencing significant changes due to online retailing and e-commerce, which significantly influences the purchasing of sporting gear and equipment.

Data Science Evolves Rapidly. What Are the Five Major Trends for 2024?

Data is a major component of almost any organization, and by making use of data analysis and data science, companies can streamline their operations and make decisions based on information that has been collected and analyzed.

How Can Expert Networks Help Make Investing in Environmental, Social, and Governance Easier?

Expert networks can serve as a useful resource for ESG investors who want to learn more about the intricate ESG possibilities and risks that businesses face by connecting with experienced professionals.

Major Micromobility Trends and the Future of Urban Transport

the idea of micromobility has become a game-changer in the dynamic field of urban transport, providing a new perspective on how we envision the future of urban mobility.

Expert Networks Can Help Your Business Tackle Climate Change. Here’s how.

Expert Networks, as dynamic ecosystems of information and experience, can provide valuable help to organizations and specialists dealing with the problems associated with the changing climate.

Corporate Social Responsibility of Tomorrow – What Will It Be Like?

The pressure that companies feel and their efforts to tackle it often take the shape of corporate social responsibility, which, while once an admired business policy, has now shifted to become a crucial corporate strategy.

How Can Expert Networks Drive Innovation in Biotechnology?

Expert Networks, as specialized platforms for facilitating communication between private (and public) stakeholders and expert communities, play a crucial role in achieving progress in biotechnology.

Major Trends in Sporting Goods E-commerce That Are Worth Following

The sporting goods industry is going through significant changes with online retailing and e-commerce having a great influence on how people choose and purchase sporting gear and equipment.

Leveraging Expert Networks for Risk Management

Larger businesses have dedicated risk management departments, that focus on risk evaluation, handling risk, and risk planning. Smaller businesses may only have one employee. In both scenarios, Expert Networks can definitely help.

Fashion E-commerce in 2023 and Beyond: Key Trends to Follow

Fashion is one of the most active and rapidly changing and evolving industries on the planet. Industry market players adjust swiftly to changes in buying habits (and sometimes even dictate these), to the evolving technology, and to market situations.

How Can Expert Networks Help Your Company Foster a Cybersecurity Culture?

Banks, investment and insurance companies, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies among others can rely on Expert Networks to find cybersecurity specialists who can assist in protecting their sensitive data.

Team Building Activities for Our Expert Network

In June, the RightAngle teams located in Chisinau, Moldova, and Tbilisi, Georgia, embarked on their annual company off-site.

The Role of Expert Networks In Improving Product Development (Video)

Did you know that expert networks play an important role when it comes to improving product development? To learn more, check out our video and article!

The Future of Expert Networks in Emerging Markets

Expert networks have a multifaceted role in emerging economies. To help investors to make well-informed decisions, they provide access to information about local markets, regulatory insights, and industry trends.

How Expert Networks Can Help Companies Keep Up With Industry Trends

Organizations and investment specialists choose Expert Networks to get in touch with professionals to obtain the information they need to undertake extensive studies and risk analyses to enable more informed decisions to be made.

How Do Expert Networks Help Businesses in Healthcare Research Industry? (Video)

Expert networks help healthcare providers in staying up-to-date, cutting costs, and fostering innovation for better outcomes for patients by facilitating information exchange between organizations and healthcare research professionals.

Expert Networks: Facilitating Efficient M&A Information Flow

The success of a M&A strongly depends on having in-depth knowledge of the target firm. One of the best ways to obtain industry-specific information, including valuable insights, is to get in touch with an expert network.

5 Major Supply Chain Management Trends in 2023 and Beyond

The past few years have seen a rise in the complexity of supply chains due to new developments in technology. Innovative approaches are increasingly required to handle processes more effectively while improving the resilience of supply chain operations.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Impact the Adoption of Electric Vehicles? (Video)

Are you interested in discovering the potential benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) in augmenting the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs)? Check out our video and article to learn more!

Management Consulting Industry Is About to Change Forever. Find Out Why.

Despite the current prospects of global instability, predictions suggest a 1.9% rise in the consulting sector and US$706 billion in global sales in 2023. With this in mind, what are the scenarios for this industry’s development?

Top 5 Mining and Metals Industry Trends for 2023 and Beyond

Businesses are concentrating on cutting expenses, automating procedures, and improving efficiency. Here are five trends that are most likely to affect the mining and metals sector.

How Can Expert Networks Help Improve Product Development?

Marketing strategies for new product development can be improved by using Expert Networks. How is this possible?

Expert Networks: A Game-changer in Healthcare Research

Fostering and facilitating the exchange of information between companies and healthcare research experts is one of the Expert Network’s ‘transformational’ effects.

ChatGPT: Is It a Threat or a Means of Enhancing Cybersecurity? (Video)

OpenAI developed a highly sophisticated AI chatbot called ChatGPT that can create and counter cybersecurity threats. No doubt that there are worries about its rising popularity.

How Can AI Boost Electric Vehicle Adoption?

Today, the most innovative car producers already use machine learning and AI algorithms in certain EV production chains and in the EVs themselves. Let’s dive deeper into AI use in electric vehicles.

Is ChatGPT a Threat or a Tool to Improve Cybersecurity?

The tech community is concerned about AI generating cyber threats. So how can a chatbot powered by AI fight the malicious intentions of those users who question it or ask it to perform various actions?

What Challenges Will Tech Evolution Bring in the Near Future? (video)

While technological advancements present several opportunities, they also place a strain on businesses. What are the primary issues that the rapid technology evolution will bring in 2023 and beyond?

Will Vertical Farming Change the Way We Farm?

Concerns over water usage for the yields of some agricultural crops have increased due to ongoing droughts.  One of the most promising solutions turned out to be vertical farming which requires enclosed spaces to grow plants.

Recycling EV Li-ion Batteries Is Not Easy. Why?

The production of lithium-ion batteries increased by over 80 times in the period 2000-2018, with about two-thirds of those batteries being utilized in electric vehicles (EVs). Can these be recycled?

The Use of AI in Healthcare (Video)

Today, AI can be widely used in healthcare and some healthcare experts already use it. Such technological advancements may result in improved therapeutic outcomes, financial savings, and overall better public health.

ChatGPT: This AI Tool Storms the Net But Is it a Good or Bad Thing?

ChatGPT caused a lot of buzz after being released by OpenAI. A complex AI-powered natural language processing instrument, ChatGPT enables users to converse with a chatbot in a manner akin to conversing with a live person.

The Major Technology Challenges to Be Aware of in the Near Future

The technology sector is constantly evolving, carrying tremendous development opportunities and, at the same time, putting pressure on businesses to keep up.

AI-produced Art Stirs Debate. Should We Be Concerned? (Video)

Sustainability is complex in that it represents both a business opportunity and a survival issue. Moreover, it is a catalyst for consumer obsession and a crucial component of company risk.

Yes, You Should Think About Making Your Business More Sustainable. Here Are the Trends for the Near Future.

Sustainability is complex in that it represents both a business opportunity and a survival issue. Moreover, it is a catalyst for consumer obsession and a crucial component of company risk.

Companies Are Not Afraid of Outsourcing Anymore. Here Are Top 5 Trends to Watch Out For.

The widespread implementation of technology is responsible for the fundamental shift in the concept of BPO and its evolution and will carry on playing an important role in determining the evolution of the industry.

How Can You Increase Your Chances of Getting Noticed by Expert Networks? (Video)

Do you want to share knowledge with others and get rewarded for it? RightAngle Global has several important tips for you! Check out our video and article to learn more.

Top 5 Future Trends in Business That Companies Need to Be Aware Of

Here are the five trends that, according to business and technology experts, are expected to have a significant effect on businesses and the way people work and in the near future.

Art by Artificial Intelligence Sparks Debates. Is There a Future for It?

With the fast technological evolution, AI tools such as Midjourney and Stable Diffusion have made it possible for almost everyone to become an ‘artist’.

Top 5 Wearable Healthcare Technologies Worth Following Today (Video)

Modern wearable healthcare technologies allow you to spot health problems at an early stage. Learn which are worth checking out today!

Five Precision Medicine Trends Worth Following

Pharmaceutical industry research suggests that some of the most notorious illnesses on the planet may soon be treated and possibly even cured by precision medicine.

6 Uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In the Healthcare Industry

AI can now be incorporated into every facet of healthcare, from management to diagnosis to treatment.

The Future of the Transportation Industry (video)

AI-powered self-driving cars and 3D-printed automotive parts are just a drop in the ocean when we learn more about the various innovations that take place in the transportation industry.

Top 5 Wearable Healthcare Technologies: Trends and Forecasts

Wearable technology has a wide range of uses in healthcare, from Parkinson’s disease to physiological ailments including cardiovascular problems, hypertension, and muscular issues.

James Webb Space Telescope: After the First Images, What’s Next?

On July 12, 2022, the world was presented with the first five images taken by the James Webb Space Telescope and so far, the degree of detail in every image is proving to be greatly beyond expectations.

How Do You Make Your Profile More Visible to Expert Networks?

If you receive a text message from an Expert Network (via email or LinkedIn), do not ignore it since it might just be your gateway to a lucrative career in consulting.

5 Healthcare Solutions in the Metaverse (Video)

With the use of the metaverse, several breakthroughs, like training surgeons in virtual reality and advising and/or providing care in VR, can become a reality for the general public.

The Future of the Consumer Goods Industry: 5 Key Things to Consider

Over the last few years, the consumer goods industry has changed significantly. The drivers of change have been the global health crisis, the development of cutting-edge products, and, not least, evolving consumer desires.

Expert Networks Industry Trends: What Should We Expect?

With an increasing demand for expert engagements, market specialists see the line dividing consulting, research and professional advice is becoming increasingly blurred. Thus, the prospects of the EN industry’s future are attracting rising interest.

Five Biotech Trends That Are Worth Following (Video)

Biotechnology has made disease-resistant crops, artificial meat, and many other things feasible. The industry is rapidly changing, with previously unthinkable advances.

Smarter, Safer and Traffic-Free – Is This the New Face of the Transportation Industry?

Since the invention of vehicles, trains, and aircraft in the last century, the way people navigate between various destinations has changed at a greater rate than at any other time.

Telecommunication Trends to Follow in the Near Future

It is often difficult to even imagine how much progress the telecommunication industry will make in the future.

Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency Skepticism. Is the Bitcoin Ban Worth It?

A number of experts believe that blockchain will continue to alter the way people do business. Even cryptocurrency sceptics recognize the value of blockchain technology.

Which Tech Trend to Follow? (Video)

Check out our video and article on the seven cutting-edge technology picks to keep an eye on in 2022 and beyond.

RightAngle’s Future Goals

In less than a decade RightAngle has advanced to become the market leader.

Five Healthcare Solutions in the Metaverse

When Facebook founder announced an upcoming technology called the metaverse, experts saw huge potential for this in the healthcare industry.

Five Biotechnology Trends Worth Following

Some voices from the world of science claim that as well as the SARS CoV-2-related studies, in 2022 the world will witness advancements in cell therapies.

How RightAngle thinks beyond the customary approach (video)?

RightAngle as an expert network is actively engaged in several aspects of information services.

Seven technology trends to be followed in 2022

Advancements in new technology trends are stimulated by meaningful improvements in hardware and software as well as upgrades in data analysis, cybersecurity, healthcare and sustainability.

Seven expert engagement styles to gain the most valuable insights

During the primary research stage when a company wants to contact expert networks, one of the seven possible formats for the expert engagement should be considered.

How does RightAngle find the best experts?

Our company is actively engaged in several aspects of information services that go beyond expert interactions.

What is RightAngle’s work process?

We always organize our work process around the definitive research target identified by our client.

5 tips for a successful expert interview

An effective interviewer employs an organized and rigorous approach to each conversation and continually enhances their skills by utilizing knowledge previously gained.

Why are Expert Networks important? (Q&A)

This Q&A will answer questions regarding the importance of Expert Networks.

How did COVID-19 impact the expert network industry and how it recovered?

The COVID-19 epidemic that struck our planet in 2020 transformed the way businesses are carried out.

Why choose RightAngle?

RightAngle’s Managing Director, Alexander, describes the company’s unique approach.

Why do consultants use expert networks?

Consulting firms are among the most popular clients of expert networks. This is due to the fact that today, information and knowledge represent the main competitive edge in the modern economy.

Does AI have the potential to revolutionize the Expert network industry?

Do you believe artificial intelligence will eventually replace human activity?

Expert Networks evolution: From business card archives to digital libraries

Have you ever thought about the value of the experience and information you possess?

Private equities and consultants are the main users of Expert Networks. Who else?

Corporations, private equities and consultants who require exclusive sector insights to be able to grow in a particular industry are permanent clients of expert networks. But there’s more than that.

What is RightAngle?

Hello again! Together with our Managing Director, Alexander Repin, we would like to present RightAngle, the team behind the company and its operations.

Internal compliance rules help minimize risks when interviewing an expert

Following compliance procedures when interviewing and hiring experts via expert network platforms has been a top priority for businesses for more than a decade.

Why and how to become a member of an Expert Network – short guide

An expert is an individual able to deliver valuable ideas or bring specialized knowledge to the table in order to deal with specific challenges. People sign up to expert networks for a variety of reasons.

The RightAngle Team

Who is behind RightAngle – a bespoke search company providing tailored knowledge solutions? In this Q&A series post we reveal the team behind the scene.

What’s it like to be a Client Solutions Associate?

Within an expert network, a client solutions associate connects companies seeking professional expertise with specialists in a particular field.

How to find expert network consultants and their rates?

Expert network platforms hire individuals with particular expertise in various fields and connect them with clients who are looking to benefit from industry insights. Different fee structures are applied in various expert network firms.

Can Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning change the expert network industry?

Artificial Intelligence has evolved as a technological innovation with the ability to redefine current socio-economic development models.

Working path of an Expert Network

Expert networks are platforms that link businesses to experts from various fields. By contracting an expert, a business is able to access high level advice on different topics

Expert Networks in a post-COVID world

The coronavirus pandemic that hit the world in 2020 has changed the way businesses are run, leading to an increase in demand for remote working.

Expert Network Industry 2021: Growth or Decline?

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way businesses respond to the notions of flexible hours and remote labor. At the same time, entrepreneurs have become more technologically aware.

How do you find the right expert network?

Expert networks are platforms that link businesses to experts from various fields. By contracting an expert, a business is able to access high level advice on different topics

How do Expert Networks Work?

An expert network is comprised of a number of professionals who are connected through a virtual platform. Any company is free to hire these specialists

Freelance job market during COVID-19

The growing trend towards freelance work has been around for some time. The Intuit 2020 Report, forecast that by 2020 more that 40% of the US workforce would not be in permanent employment

What is an expert network?

An expert network is a group of professionals who are recognized as prominent figures within their particular field.

Rise of Digital Learning – Information on Demand

Digital learning has been around for a while. The Open University has used online systems as a learning tool for over 30 years and currently offers entire degree courses fully online.