Team Building Activities for Our Expert Network

In June, the RightAngle teams located in Chisinau, Moldova, and Tbilisi, Georgia, embarked on their annual company off-site. Both teams organized outdoor team-building activities to foster a sense of unity and cultivate a positive mindset for the upcoming month of productivity and achievement by taking advantage of the lovely summer weather.

Visiting Moldova’s Wine Castle

The Chisinau team chose Mimi Castle, the only chateau in Moldova, for their annual team-building event. The castle is located in the village of Bulboaca, 40 km from Chisinau, and is listed among the top 15 most beautiful wineries in the world.

Since its extensive renovation in 2011, Mimi Castle has become one of Moldova’s main tourist attractions. The quality of its production has been recognized at numerous international competitions: Mundus Vini, Mondial du Bruxelles, Berliner, Asia & Portugal Wine Trophies, etc.

Notably, the castle served as the location of The Second European Political Community Summit on 1 June 2023. This event brought together leaders of 45 European countries, alongside the President of the European Council, the President of the European Commission, and the President of the European Parliament, to discuss joint efforts for peace and stability on the continent.

Mimi Castle is also known for holding seasonal events, bringing together a large number of people for outdoor activities, delicious cuisine, music, and wine tastings. One of these events served as the backdrop of our team-building activity. We were curious about Moldova’s cultural attractions, especially the ones that receive international recognition. We work with experts and clients across regions, and we’re sometimes asked about our country and what it has to offer.

On the morning of June 10th, we took the Wine train to Bulboaca and participated in the 5th edition of the annual Rose Wine Day. Among the highlights of the event were the Open-Air Kitchen, free Rose wine, live music from local artists, and photo areas for lasting memories. We had a picnic right in front of the castle, and later we got to join an Express Tour of the winery, highlighting the key features of the location and the technology used.

It has been a pleasure to notice the large number of foreign visitors and the crowds that lined up for the Express Castle Tour in English. We’ve also enjoyed the picnic areas, the picturesque locations for group photos, and the overall atmosphere that marked the start of the summer season.

The time that we spent together also fostered constructive discussions about our team’s cohesiveness, common objectives, and professional roadmap.

We understood that productivity and efficiency can be boosted by off-site activities. Since we work with international clients on a daily basis, it’s always interesting to discover the places and attractions that our own country has to offer – giving us a sense of grounding and commitment to our company’s continuous growth.

Discovering Georgia’s natural attractions

Following our adventures in Moldova, the Georgian team embarked on an unforgettable team-building day at the stunning Lisi Lake in Tbilisi, Georgia. We were all excited for a day filled with fun activities and bonding experiences.

Lisi Lake, located on the outskirts of Tbilisi (about 17 km from Central Tbilisi and with a surface area of about 0.47 sq. km), is a stunning reservoir that offers a peaceful retreat amidst nature’s beauty. Surrounded by lush greenery and framed by majestic mountains, the lake provides a serene atmosphere.

It’s a very popular destination during summer since you can find lots of fun activities and even swim and dive into the lake. In 1937, when the construction of the recreation area around the lake began, approximately 1,400 plants were planted to make the environment greener.

This resonated with our experience – RightAngle has assisted clients on many projects related to the environment, circular economy, and ESG strategies.

The experts screened by us provided insights into these topics and outlined measures to create a greener infrastructure, like the one below.

Today, a 3-kilometer-long bike and pedestrian path circles the lake, along with a sports training space and children’s playground on the beach. Nature enthusiasts can not only explore the walking trails that wind around the lake, but can also enjoy a picnic, fishing, casting a line, and trying to catch some fish, such as seabream and European perch.

As soon as we arrived, we spotted a tennis court nearby and couldn’t resist the opportunity for some friendly competition. Grabbing our tennis rackets, we divided into pairs and began playing thrilling matches. We laughed, ran, and gave it our all, creating memorable moments of shared laughter and intense rallies.

We already understood the value of competition from our daily work – how it can lead to increased collaboration and interpersonal connection, as long as there is a common goal and common means of achieving our objectives.

After learning more about the competition during our friendly matches, we found a cozy restaurant near the lake. Little did we know that the restaurant had a deck of cards readily available. From classic favorites like Poker and Furti to lesser-known games, we immersed ourselves in the excitement and strategy of each game.

The friendly competition and strategic thinking created an enjoyable and entertaining atmosphere, as we laughed, cheered, and challenged each other’s card-playing skills.

We apply the same type of strategic thinking when approaching client requests – we analyze each project and place it in a larger context (industry or market), devising methods to overcome challenges (such as finding the right professionals for a very niche topic).

Leaving Lisi Lake that evening, our hearts were filled with gratitude for the friendships we had cultivated and the memories we had made. It was a day of active adventures, friendly competition, and shared moments that we will cherish forever. With smiles and laughter, we gathered together and snapped a group photo, capturing the happiness and camaraderie of our team-building day at Lisi Lake.

These events strengthened the bonds within and between the two teams – we were left with a stronger sense of unity and a continuous commitment to RightAngle’s growth. The common activities instilled a sense of optimism in our company’s potential – the month brought us new clients, a record number of expert calls, and big plans to expand our network and capacities.

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