Brazilian pharmaceutical retail company



A large pharmaceutical retail company based in Brazil had the goal of structuring/reorganizing its multichannel arena including its website/marketplace, own applications, call center and stores in terms of the structure, governance, roles and responsibilities, procedures and KPIs. With this in mind, it contacted RightAngle Global to arrange interviews with experts with a rich background in retail companies with sales channels and multiple SKUs.

Solution and Impact


By examining the subject requirements, we managed to identify over 100 experts able to offer information on the roles played by the multi-channels of a business, their structure (commercial, logistics, finance, quality, etc.), the way they interacted with other areas and the key advantages and disadvantages of this type of model. We selected those experts who would be most useful for the client including corporate digital business managers, operations managers and directors and after carrying out interviews with them, our client obtained valuable insight into the market and particularly into those retail firms with several sales channels.

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