Injection molding industry in the United States



With the goal of successfully running a project that focused on the contract plastic injection molding industry in the United States, and particularly on components with high complexity and precision for the medical device industry, a large corporate client contacted RightAngle Global to arrange calls with experts from a number of medical device companies.

The client expressed special interest in professionals from the R&D, product management/development and procurement departments who would be in a position to answer the company’s specific questions.

Solution and Impact


After screening numerous experts from the US contract plastic injection molding industry, we identified those professionals with the required knowledge in the field. Subsequently RightAngle Global soon selected around 10 candidates to provide in-depth information on the subject.

As a result of the calls arranged with the experts, the client gained a better understanding of the industry, the development lifecycle of a new product in terms of the many types of external partners (prototyping professionals, low volume plastic injection molding experts, mold and tool producers and high-volume contract manufacturers) and the way in which these external partners are selected and managed. In addition, the experts helped our client to establish who the major stand-out injection molding specialists in the sector were.

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