Corporate software customers in Switzerland



Seeking to get a better understanding of the Swiss software market, and particularly relating to ERP/accounting/payroll systems, a large company requested our assistance to arrange a call with professionals possessing an in-depth knowledge of this topic.

In addition, the client asked us to schedule calls with German or French-speaking corporate customers located in Switzerland as well as several procurement consultants.

Solution and Impact


Within a week, our specialists at RightAngle Global were able to search for and identify over 500 subject matter experts. We selected the most suitable people involved in decision making, purchasing and software applications who could offer valuable data regarding the software market in Switzerland. After facilitating contact with the experts, the client was provided with the necessary information on the ERP/accounting/payroll systems in Switzerland and received answers to questions concerning the purchasing process, relationship to the vendor, satisfaction with the product, market trends and drivers among other topics.

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adminCorporate software customers in Switzerland