Customers and Innovation in the European transportation sector



While working on a project for a European transportation company, a consulting firm contacted RightAngle to help it to understand the pricing and offers that decrease customers’ perception of price complexity but also what could be done to improve the client journey as a result of UX/UI excellence.

In addition to this, our client wished to interview innovation professionals who had effectively disrupted a B2C industry with a digital intensive business model that focused on the customer.

Solution and Impact


Through deep analysis of the market, our team found several experts able to offer valuable information on the required topic. We managed to select specialists who provided definitive answers to the client’s questions, offered information on their approach in order to build an offer on customers’ needs and examples that could be applied in an asset-intensive industry. After interviewing the experts, the client was able to obtain in-depth information on the transportation sector and its pricing and offers as well as ways to decrease the perceived price complexity.

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adminCustomers and Innovation in the European transportation sector