Price Transparency and Innovation in the European Transportation Sector

A consulting firm working on a project for a transportation company in the European Union contacted RightAngle Global to help better understand how the pricing model works in this sector.  The client wanted to help improve transparency in how pricing is determined and thus improve their customers’ experience.

In addition, the client wanted to connect with transportation industry professionals in the EU with experience in disrupting a B2C model using customer-focused digital solutions.

After performing a deep dive into the market, RightAngle Global located several suitable experts who were able to provide definitive answers to all of the client’s questions, including information about how to build a customer-facing application to solve the client’s business needs.

After connecting with the industry professionals identified by RightAngle Global, the client was successfully able to obtain accurate, in-depth information about how pricing works in the transportation sector as well as insight into how best to improve transparency in the pricing model to reduce complexity for their customers.

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adminPrice Transparency and Innovation in the European Transportation Sector