Solid board and other plastic replacement innovations



Being keen to contact R&D and innovation experts from a number of specific companies, our client got in touch with us so that we could arrange several interviews with these professionals. The goal was to gain insights with regard to the innovation that would be needed to aid plastic replacement over the next five years. Our major challenge, as usual, was the timescale required which was extremely short.

Solution and Impact


We immediately dived into the topic and within a short time had managed to identify a pool of experts who could offer detailed information on plastic replacement and solid board, the client’s key area of focus. Shortly after this, we selected the most suitable candidates by screening them using the client’s vetting questions.

After carrying out the interviews with the experts found by RightAngle, including marketing managers and managing directors,  the client was able to gain valuable insight into the industry, particularly into the solid board market, especially WLC and FBB.

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adminSolid board and other plastic replacement innovations