The Role of Expert Networks in Talent Acquisition and Management

Talent acquisition and management have always been essential components of any organization’s structure, and vital to achieving successful outcomes. Today, companies find themselves in the face of permanent competition to identify, hire, and retain talented employees who are often invaluable assets.

However, over the next 10 years, we might witness a turning point in the international landscape as a result of technological developments, demographic shifts, and economic and societal changes. All of these will certainly have a significant impact on talent acquisition and management, with more companies searching for individuals with specialized skill sets.

Given this, expert networks (EN) can offer an advantage in terms of talent recruitment and management. These networks serve as a link between businesses and professionals with years of experience in their fields. Experts can help HR managers to keep up with the most recent advances in personnel management if they want to maintain their companies’ competitiveness.

Why are Expert Networks an Important Asset in Talent Acquisition and Management?

There are several ways in which expert networks can help to recruit and manage talent.

Firstly, since ENs connect companies and individuals with subject-matter experts, they can facilitate a more comprehensive vetting process and therefore ensure that experts possess the required skills and also align with the company’s culture and values.

Another advantage is the ability of the professionals recruited by EN to assist with tailored recruitment approaches, which can considerably improve the future success rate of talent acquisition efforts.

Lastly, establishing mentorship connections via expert networks can help organizations with the career growth and development of their employees.

For instance, an expert network could connect an organization with seasoned data scientists and AI practitioners with knowledge of creating AI applications in a range of fields. Through network-facilitated collaborative projects or mentorship programs, staff members can acquire useful advice, methods, and best practices for successfully adopting AI solutions.

To illustrate the advantages of employing ENs, we have selected a few actual case studies where ENs assist businesses to overcome hiring challenges.

Hiring trends in the North American region

RightAngle Global, a bespoke search company that specializes in tailored solutions to complex business needs and pressing research objectives, was contacted by a client who was searching for subject-matter experts from the recruiting sector. The primary objective was to acquire comprehensive insights into key hiring and training trends within the North American region, specifically focusing on technology talent.

We undertook diligent searches and meticulous analyses and managed to successfully recruit a number of suitable professionals. These experts subsequently provided the client with in-depth information regarding hiring and training trends in technology talent acquisition across various fields, including cybersecurity, cloud computing, and corporate platforms.

Talent Acquisition and Employer branding

In a recent case, a global client of RightAngle Global expressed an interest in engaging with experts in the fields of talent acquisition and employer branding across the retail and automotive industries. The objective was to gain useful insights by consulting with leading figures in the HR domain and to understand outsourcing practices in the recruitment process.

After a detailed screening process, our team at RightAngle Global facilitated connections between the client and several seasoned professionals. Ultimately, our client gained insights into outsourcing trends related to talent acquisition, employer branding, workforce planning, and the technology used in talent acquisition. The insights also covered several regions, including Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and Continental Europe.

Note that each Expert is verified by RightAngle Global to be relevant and qualified to respond to particular queries. From the outset, you will receive support from our team, who will make sure that there is timely communication, that the search is productive, that experts can work together, and that there is a strict compliance regime that protects your rights and the confidentiality of your data.

The Future of Talent Management

Gazing into the future of recruitment, a number of trends emerge, and here are some to consider.

AI will continue to augment human intelligence

Using automation and AI in the first stages of sifting through various tasks will save human effort, allowing recruitment employees to focus on giving more individualized assistance.

Emphasizing skills (less focus on college degrees)

An increasing number of companies have started to remove the need for a college degree for specific job ads in an effort to broaden the talent pool and attract more diverse applicants.

According to a report by BCG, the number of job ads in the United States that demanded a bachelor’s degree or higher for college-level positions decreased by 3.9% during a five-year period (2017 – 2022).

Increasing impact of Gen Z

A Glassdoor survey showed that the number of Gen Z workers with full-time jobs will surpass that of baby boomers. Additionally, Gen Z is anticipated to make up over 25% of the labor force by 2025. This generation of workers values caring leadership, a sense of significance and belonging, and mental safety.

Final word

Talent acquisition and management are two crucial components of an organizational structure that considerably increase the chances of an organization achieving successful results. Expert networks can revolutionize talent acquisition and management by providing businesses with a competitive edge in the pursuit of top talent. Organizations can use EN to improve their hiring practices and handle the complexity of the contemporary corporate environment with more insight and agility.

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