Support your thesis

Right angles can be found at the core of any load-bearing structure because of their ability to carry massive weights.
Just like the shape we're named after, RightAngle does the hard work to support our clients.
Get the critical insight that you need, not the same industry information everyone else has.

Source the right experts

RightAngle is a bespoke search company providing experts to Management Consultancies, Private Equity, and Hedge funds. Instead of trying to monetize a cookie-cutter network of professional advisors, our team of researchers will find exactly the right person or people with the knowledge that you need. By building our capabilities around bespoke search from day one, we are able to move faster and charge two thirds less than our main competitors. We vet each expert to individual project requirements and save you time by only proposing people who can talk to your specific project needs. Our clients are protected thanks to a rigorous compliance regime which can be targeted to your company's needs thanks to our proprietary SMART technology platform. We support custom workflows and integration into your existing systems where necessary.

Desktop research isn't enough

Our clients are differentiated in their markets. They create unique investment theses and craft compelling recommendations with knowledge and insight that only they have. RightAngle helps them supplement their in-house experience with access to deep market knowledge and perspectives not available elsewhere. Our bespoke search and unique pricing model has created new use cases saving time and money. Commercial Due Diligence, Voice of the Customer, market sentiment, communities of interest and "week 0" industry familiarization can now be delivered faster, easier and at lower cost than ever before. No subscription is required, and we accept payment by bank transfer or credit card.

We're here to transform the market

RightAngle is a product of the DEVAID group of companies. We are market leaders in our sectors within subscription platforms, permanent recruiting, software development and Artificial Intelligence. RightAngle leverages capabilities from across our Group to deliver a product which we believe will change the market forever.

Get the RightAngle

RightAngle is currently in early access release to invited customers only. Let us know if you’d like to learn how we can enrich your company’s knowledge while cutting your expert network spend.

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