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Augment your Expert search capabilities with RightAngle Global

Don’t rely on the same angles as your competitors

RightAngle Global recruits Experts for each individual project that we work on. In a world where proprietary insight is vital, RightAngle Global ensures that each Expert is relevant and able to answer specific questions.

Reduce your cost per call

What RightAngle Global’s clients pay for is the quality of knowledge, rock-solid compliance, and great customer service. By eliminating “rent a quote” consultants and prestige offices RightAngle Global is able to deliver more for less.

Eliminate unnecessary subscription fees

RightAngle Global can start working on a project within 30 minutes of hearing from you. RightAngle Global has no subscription fees, and using us alongside other providers will allow you to assess whether you will ever need to pay for others in the future.

Our process



Right after receiving the brief, RightAngle Global analyzes the industry and the questions you want to be answered.


Searching & Screening

RightAngle Global searches for the right Experts and vets them using your screening questions.


Host calls

After you select the best-fitted Experts from the proposed profiles RightAngle Global arranges the calls via Zoom or Teams.

Do you have immediate project needs? Let’s talk!

RightAngle Global will be up and running within 30 min of hearing from you.

How our clients create value with the RightAngle Global

Women’s Fashion Market in the United Kingdom

A large player in the fashion industry was working on a project in the women’s fashion market in the UK.

Price Transparency and Innovation in the European Transportation Sector

While working on a project for a European transportation company, a consulting firm contacted RightAngle to help it to understand the pricing and offers.

Solid Board and Plastic Replacement Innovations

Being keen to contact R&D and innovation Experts from a number of specific companies, our client got in touch with us so that we could arrange several interviews with these professionals.

The Medicare Advantage Plans Market

A large manufacturer and seller of healthcare devices based in the United States contacted RightAngle Global to discuss the Medicare Advantage.

Pharmaceutical Retail Market in Brazil

A large pharmaceutical retail company based in Brazil had the goal of structuring/reorganizing its multichannel arena including its website/marketplace.


Launch a project

Being as specific as possible, please provide the relevant market(s), geography(ies), and subject matter areas. Where applicable, include related sectors which are specifically out of scope.

We manually vet every Expert we present to you. For Experts to be of value to you, what questions should they be able to answer convincingly?

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