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Augment your expert search capabilities and get the RightAngle

RightAngle recruits experts for each individual project that we work on. In a world where proprietary insight is vital, we ensure that each expert is relevant and able to answer specific questions. We are experts in bespoke searches because we don’t rely on a limited network of consultants who your competitors may have already spoken to.

What our clients pay for is the quality of knowledgeable, rock-solid compliance and great customer service. By eliminating “rent a quote” consultants and prestige offices as well as leveraging our technology we’re able to deliver more for less. Adding RightAngle to your existing Expert Network portfolio will allow you to reduce your average call cost thanks to our lowest in the market price.

RightAngle can start working on a project with a new client within thirty minutes of being contacted by them. We have no subscription fees, and using us alongside other providers will allow you to assess whether you will ever need to pay for others in the future.

Better expert calls with RightAngle

  • Compliance

    Speaking to experts without the involvement of a third party creates significant risks, particularly when mention of any form of compensation is involved. RightAngle provides a rock-solid compliance framework that protects our clients, vetting the suitability of our experts and ensuring calls only happen with both sides under a documented compliance framework.

  • Volume

    RightAngle are the experts in bespoke searches. Our team of experienced recruiters are specialized in finding, contacting and vetting experts which means we can meet your primary data requirements much faster and in most cases more cost effectively than doing this in-house.

  • Quality

    An expert network will provide clients with control tools that allow them to monitor, approve, and block pending consultations for their firm. RightAngle will speak to literally each and every expert on the phone to undergo the screening phase before submitting their profile thus ensuring you only speak with vetted candidates.

Our Process


Take a brief

Your assigned Client Manager will schedule a call with you to understand what expert profiles you are looking for and what questions you would like them to answer. This allows us to properly vet each profile before we put it forward for consideration.


Identify experts

Our Research team breaks down your requirements into a number of individual characteristics which are then prioritized and sought. RightAngle uses a variety of online tools to quantify the full available pool of potential experts before selectively reaching out.



We conduct an interview with each potential expert when we screen them against our clients’ needs for their current project. This process ensures that we only provide relevant profiles and people who are able to have a useful conversation.


Expert presentation

We will send the first set of vetted profiles to you within 48 hours of receiving the brief. Based on your needs, we typically sequence further expert drops every 24 or 48 hours afterwards. Our clients then select those that they would like to see.


Host calls

RightAngle will introduce you to the expert and facilitate a conversation via telephone or web app. On request, our clients can choose to remain anonymous. If any issues arise with the expert within the first twenty minutes, simply hang up and we will waive all charges.

Do you have immediate project needs? Let’s talk

We can be up and running on a search within 30 min of hearing from you.

How our clients create value with the RightAngle

We help our clients to supplement their in-house experience with access to deep market knowledge and perspectives  unavailable elsewhere. Our bespoke search and unique pricing model have created new use cases saving time and money.

Supply Chain Finance Digital Architecture

Our client, a management consulting company, was looking to understand the market of trade and supply chain finance focusing on banks and non-bank funds active in the UK and South Africa.

Drop-shipping Carpets. Global retailers experience in the US market

A management consulting firm, on behalf of a large carpet company, was interested in finding out more about the process of drop-shipping.

Uterine Fibroids Treatment Methods

A Japanese biotech company was in the process of developing a new device that would potentially change the way physicians approach women health issues in the United States and particularly uterine fibroids.

Automotive Pricing in the UK

Our client, a management consulting firm, was interested in the UK automotive industry, particularly its commercial segment related to pricing and sales to car dealer groups.

“Indie Brands” in Cosmetics Market

RightAngle was contacted by a client from the consulting sector for a project in product development in a small cosmetic market segment, represented by independent or subsidized indie brands.

Engine Cooling Commercial Design and Procurement

Our client, a management consulting company, approached us for a project focused on research and exploration of the engine cooling market segment, particularly from the perspective of ...

Our Clients

We’re here to transform the market

The RightAngle team has over a decade of experience of both using and operating expert networks. Our background as consultants, private equity professionals and recruiters has demonstrated that a single call to the right person can transform a project or investment.

For example, one of our team needed to speak to someone to answer a very specific question and was faced with inflexible subscription fees, overpriced calls and a long list of “experts” who were known in their field but who could not actually help them with the problem.

RightAngle is part of the DevAid Ltd. Group, a series of companies in the recruiting, information and technology industries. We setup RightAngle in the belief that the expert market needed a provider that focused on quickly providing great expert calls at the best price.

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