Why choose RightAngle?

RightAngle’s Managing Director, Alexander, describes the company’s unique approach as being able to offer only bespoke human-led searches rather than selling a database of pre-vetted specialists.

Alexander emphasizes that our company’s main goal is to avoid rent-a-quote specialists and instead identify genuine professionals who uniquely fit the parameters of each search.

The team at RightAngle works on a transparent, effective pay-per-use model where there is no requirement for either a subscription or a minimum commitment. The firm provides a tailored project approach, has a strict compliance policy and the team truly believes it offers the most competitive market prices.

RightAngle is a relatively young company on the market and is enjoying continuous growth. Alexander strongly encourages customer feedback which he says the company deeply values.

“The objective is to keep the focus on service quality, to encourage a love for knowledge and to shape our culture on transparency, collaboration and a young ethos that is eager to learn”, he concludes.

We’d like our clientele to be those who decide how well we’re doing. Having said that, we also prioritize client and professional feedback and use this to improve our service offerings and operations.

Alexander believes that each project is a chance to learn and we will strive to do what we do, always aiming for continuous improvement.

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adminWhy choose RightAngle?